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Art Punk
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a type of music...it's a losely defined category, and the subject of discussion in the community is losely defined as well...so long as it at least remotely relates to art punk...and while it's not strictly defined, you can put the two words together "art" + "punk"...and if you're still confused, there's a small list of bands and such things down there as a guideline...

examples of what is art punk: bands, music, events, albums, publications, anything, etc related to art punk...

examples of what is not: picturs of crap that has no relation to the music that is art punk, your personal life unless, of course, you happened to have done something relating in some way to art punk, other crap that has no relation whatsoever to do w/ art punk...

i hope these very loose guidelines are clear...thank you for reading this little bit and may some discussion somewhat even remotely related to art punk arise here...please don't be afraid/reluctant to post anything here so long, of course, as it has something whatsoever to do w/ art punk in the slightest...and if you have something of relevance to say/offer, please go ahead...if, however, you have something to say of no relevance, you have your own journal and thousands of other communities at your disposal...

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